Bringing platform consistency and easy development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Frameworks (JQuery, etc)

Adapting to HTML5 will enhance page load time and facilitate the creation of universal applications which can run on various devices. HTML5 helps with the development of media applications without involving any third party plug-ins.  HTML5 also provides backward compatibility with HTML4, which means that not every existing component needs to be re-developed.

Use of CSS3 significantly increases the aesthetic appeal of your website, besides providing native features like enhanced menus styles, rounded corners, shadows and animations.

JQuery provides a large library with everything needed to build an interactive website. JQuery helps you develop Ajax templates with ease by eliminating the issue of reloading pages for every interaction.

BinaCraft has successfully implemented various websites supporting responsive designs using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery where required. BinaCraft’s library of reusable components helps in the rapid development of the UI components needed to migrate your existing or new website and will support various platforms and devices with a consistent look and feel.