BinaCraft believes Quality Assurance (QA) is fundamental to developing any successful application. With the continuous proliferation of browsers, operating systems and mobile devices on which your web applications will be viewed, it’s essential to deliver a consistent, defect-free experience to your visitors. There are very few second chances to win back customer confidence once a defective application or product is released.

We at BinaCraft endeavor to provide comprehensive, independent software product testing and QA services that guarantee the highest quality, reliability, low cost, and unhindered usability. The experts at our test center use their skills and experience in core software testing services to make sure all features of an application, including its service potential, market requirements, cross browser testing, compatibility testing, performance load, and associated security concerns are thoroughly tested and verified. Our competency in selecting the best tools and customized methodologies for application, system, and website testing services assure clients full value for their outsourcing initiatives.

BinaCraft provide the following range of services aimed at bringing down costs and delivering high quality and reliable products.

  • Core software testing services, including extensive application testing through experienced offshore and on-site teams. BinaCraft experts use a variety of tools for website testing, user acceptance testing, cross browser testing, compatibility testing, system integration testing, performance examination, and regression testing.
  • QA consulting, including quality analysis and assessment of the overall software and website testing process.
  • Test management, including end-to-end supervision, documentation, and quality tracking during the testing process. We identify testing strategy, develop customized methodology, make plans and test cases, manage test execution, assess results, and suggest improvements in the application quality and usability.
  • Business IT requirement validation, including review, analysis, and certification of the defined requirements and quality of deliverable services.
  • Specialized testing, including interoperability testing, compatibility testing for industry standards, end-user compliance testing,  cross browser testing,  and security testing.
  • Test automation, including development of automated software product testing framework through skilled use of open source and licensed tools ensuring low cost and improved productivity of future business application testing process.

BinaCraft Expertise in Software Testing Tools

Our efforts to master all available software testing skills and expand them through training and incorporation of the latest tools offer ultimate benefit to our clients. BinaCraft has proficiency in using the following tools to provide various core testing services.

  • Performance Tools: Load Runner and Jmeter.
  • Functional Tools: QTP and Selenium Automation.
  • Unit Testing Tools: Nunit and Junit

Security Testing Tool: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner and IBM Appscan