BinaCraft has helped many companies leverage the sophisticated and powerful tools provided by the latest CMS technologies and help them use information to engage in a relationship with their customer. We’re not talking about asking the customer to sign up to our email service and sending out details of our latest special offers. We’re talking about a complete 360 degree dialogue a real understanding of what the customer wants to watch, hear, read and ultimately buy across email, web, mobile and social channels.

Every CMS has its own native tools and approaches. Here at BinaCraft, we can help you choose the right platform for your digital marketing strategy according to the type and size of your organization. If you already have a CMS in place, you can draw on our experience to streamline and optimize your platform. You can take advantage of many custom made widgets and tools that enhance and augment the standard out of the box systems at no extra cost.

  • Help your sales teams understand where your potential customer is in the sales cycle.
  • Spot gaps in the customer’s product knowledge which may prevent them from buying.
  • Analyze and compare your marketing campaigns across all platforms and channels.
  • Manage effective A/B testing. What if we use this email instead of that email? What if we use a blue background on the special offer banner instead of a red background? Now you can run this kind of analysis in real time at the same time, reducing your marketing department’s time and effort.
  • Automatically move the customer along the sales process in a journey particular to that customer s requirements and needs.
  • Integrate information from all of your online and offline channels to provide meaningful management information.