With our expertise in setting up and managing enterprise search solutions, BinaCraft has helped define and implement enterprise search strategies for many clients including Fortune 100 companies.

We believe that a good content management solution must be backed up with an effective search solution. The tools provided by content management systems allow content editors and content management solution designers to organize, relate, and connect content from multiple sources into a unified repository. While this approach serves the purpose of managing the content across the organization in an efficient way, it is equally important to be able to search the repository to quickly find the required information on-demand. In addition, any search solution must be scalable and secure from an organization point of view.

We have in-depth experience of building and provisioning search solutions in conjunction with content management solutions. We are proficient in analyzing the search requirements based on several factors including database content for ad-hoc data, document size, number and location for document-based data, and content structures for content stored in CMS systems. We then implement a search technique that has the following characteristics:

  • Handles the types of searches planned for the website / application users
  • Retrieves the required information within allowed response times
  • Allows the user to optimize the search results by narrowing / widening the search
  • Facilitates more relevant search results by tagging source data,  boosting data relevance
  • Consolidates and correlates data dispersed across different data sources within the organization

We have worked with several search platforms such as Google Search Appliance, Coveo, Lucene Search, HP Autonomy IDOL, Google Site Search, etc. We provide post go-live support and ongoing maintenance for our solutions.

For more information on how we can help build or enhance your search strategy, reach out to us.