ORBIT stands for Organization Real-time Baselining Index 4 Talent. The Orbit methodology for benchmarking is a combination of Process Expertise, Business Logic & Technology. The ultimate aim of ORBIT is to provide practical insights into how organizations can become gain a cutting edge in articulation and implementation of their people processes & practices.

The ORBIT consolidates the HR Organization which primarily holds responsibility for people process &practice. They work towards optimization of critical HR process & transactions and align the same to the business strategy and goals.

Real time Assessment of HR processes is a complex yet critical aspect and this is what ORBIT brings to your organization. It enables you to assess relative performance at any point of time thereby facilitating an element of constant improvement across.

A clearly defined baseline is the heart of the toolkit which based on inputs pertaining to the organization provides with the current state. This is then mapped to the assessment across 99 questions that analysis and provides a benchmark to your organization. It clearly articulates the gaps based on the assessment and helps identify areas of improvement for the HR Organization.

ORBIT highlights the status on a quantitative methodology. It maps the organization’s current state based on the assessment to the baseline and places it on a point based scale with clearly defined weight ages across multiple parameters.

ORBIT’s primary focus is on People Practices and as people occupy centre stage in the workplace; managing and retaining talent is very crucial to an organization’s success.

ORBIT cuts across varied verticals & industries to baseline and benchmark their people practices in an easy, transparent, and systematic way. A detailed analysis report on the current state & Industry Standards facilitates the people champions to chalk out future course of action.


99 Strategist Grid is a grid specially conceptualized, designed & developed by The Strategist to evaluate organizations in varied areas of HR. The Grid is a set of 99 questions carefully crafted and with special inputs from domain experts. These 99 questions are spread across 11 dimensions. Each question has 4 options as answers which are scientifically fixed by the experts. The options do not indicate any right or wrong answers; they are just a representation of the current state.

Each of the functional area would have predetermined 11 dimensions and each of the dimensions was based on 11 critical questions that spanned across the dimension. Each of these questions would then define 4 states of which one would represent your current state. Each of the toolkit in the series have
been based on this Model of 99 Questions and hence the 99 STRATEGIST GRID


Thank you for choosing ORBIT (Powered by 99 Strategist Grid). ORBIT is a proprietary tool brought to you by the Research Wing of The Strategist. It will help you become cutting edge in articulation and implementation of your people processes & practices.

Serial Number

The serial number required for installing and running the software has been provided with this manual. Please keep it safely along with your original sales receipt.

Installing ORBIT

System Requirements
At minimum, you will need:
Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows Vista™, Windows XP Professional or Home Edition, Windows 2000
Internet connection: You will require this to perform remote exports and imports from the stand-alone application for the validation of you license copy.

To install the ORBIT software, you need the serial number provided with each original copy. After providing the serial number and accepting the Terms & Conditions, you shall be able to install the software.

Getting Started

After successfully installing the ORBIT Software, an icon should be available on your desktop for ORBIT. To start the application, double click on the icon. This will prompt you for the serial number / password. Enter the serial number provided to you. You can also set a password for entering the application with
the option provided for the same in the application. The first time login can only be done using the serial number provided.


The application has mainly three parts which are:

Baselining – This is the page where you will select answer for choosing the baseline for your company. Here you will have to answer a set of 5 questions. Once submitted these options cannot be changed until you reset the application.

Questions – These are a set of 99 questions defined over a set of 11 dimensions. You can navigate to other dimension without completing the previous dimension’s questions.

Reports – This section will be activated once you submitted all the 99 questions. This section will contain a set of comprehensive reports in the respective ORBIT area. You can also print the reports or export it in pdf format.

The application also provides you a button to reset the application so that you are able to start the assessment all over again.

*Detailed User Manual is available with the software