myManager Connect is a tool that facilitates strengthening the weakest link of employee engagement-Manager & Employee. It operates on the fundamentals of Coaching, Open and transparent, iNspire, Next goals, Exhibit Respect, Communication and Talent Leadership. The tool consists of Surveys, Reports, Dashboards, Resource Bank, Action plan, Recommendations, Tracker and Feedback.

Challenges in Current Formats 

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys don’t measure Manager Connect Ability
  • 360 Degree format inadequate to gauge the managers ability to motivate & retain team       members
  • No real time survey format available which will enable employees to share their feelings about their managers on regular basis
  •  No framework available which will measure as well as check the Action Planning post      surveys
  • No Dashboard available for CXO to measure the performances across organizations
Fundamentals :
  • myManager Connect Framework 
    • A robust questionnaire based on research
    • Empirically validated over 3 years based on the employee engagement models
    • Simple to understand and relate to
    • Comprehensively covers all the aspects  of a managers JD
  • myManager Connect Software Solution  
    • An idiot proof software application which can be accessed from internet
    • The Survey module can be accessed from  Mobile also using net connection
    • Software based on SAAS model
    • Modules
      • Survey
      • Reports
      • Dashboards
      • Resource Bank
      • Recommendations
      • Action Plan
      • Tracker & Feedback


  • Each dimension has 2 questions and each question has a four level scale
  • The 13 questions are randomly picked up and so are their levels to avoid any pattern based response
  • Talent Leadership Style has Four Leadership Styles
  • myManager Software Application is an idiot proof software application which can be accessed from the internet
  • It is a based on SAAS model
  • This module can also be accessed through a mobile with internet facility
  • The modules include surveys, reports, dashboard, resource bank, recommendations, action plan and tracker feedback