myAspirations Tool enables and empowers employees to charter their own career paths based on the organization framework.

The objective of the tool is to alert the employees on their ‘Readiness’ for the dream role, so that as and when the opportunity arises and the organization is looking for talent, the employee can apply and take up the dream role.

Challenges in Current Format 

  • Employees are not aware of the Roles existing in the organization
  • Employees are not aware of ‘What’ is required for the employee to get into one of these roles
  • Employees are not aware of the ‘Gaps’ they have in their competencies / skills
  • Employee are at the mercy of few to know ‘How’ to fill those gaps etc.

The purpose of this myAspirations tool is to build a comprehensive competency / skill framework. It broadly explains complete competency profiles for every position / role .


  • Role Directory highlighting the Job Descriptions – Job Families
  • Each Role / Job has the Primary & secondary Responsibilities
  • Each Role / Job has Job Specification – Who is the Right Fit
  • Success Metrics which would make the job performance ‘ WoW
  • Competency / Skill Landscape
  • Alignment of Training & Development Programs

Features of myAspirations Tool 

  • All the jobs are mapped and structured in a framework
  • Each job is structured in a Job Family
  • Each job family is in aligned to the competency framework
  • Employees can choose the ‘Dream’ role and request their managers for approval
  • Post approval the application will highlight the ‘Strengths’, ‘Gaps’, ‘Next Steps’
  • Training Programs which are required to attend get highlighted