Data data everywhere but no information available to take a decisions. myHR Dashboard translates data into information and information into intelligent trends & analysis.

myHR dashboard works on the philosophy of measuring to improve enterprise performance.  The dashboard aligns all the HR critical deliveries to business in form of performance metrics / measures. Each measure is owned by a process owner who monitors the  performance and this consolidates all the measures in form of a Tree of Criticality and displays the same.

Challenges in existing format :

  • Most of the data is captured in excel formats which have limited scalability
  • Most of the data is converted into bare essential information with no intelligence
  • Comparative Analysis are missing
  • Predicative Analysis etc are not possible with scattered data
  • Action points are often forgotten and never discussed in the next review meeting


  • The measurement is done at 3levels in terms of nature of metrics:
    • Outthink  – enable an organization to outlive & reinvent
    • Outperform – enable an organization do  better than past
    • Optimize – enable greater output from existing
  • Non perofrming metrics are always displayed first
  • There is a facility to customize the top 3 metrics to see in a graphical manner
  • The process owners can manually feed data if integration with existing systems not possible
  • Facilitates recording of action items for each measure along with process owner
  • At given period of time, consolidated list of action points can be printed
  • Can access the status on Mobile to optimize travel time etc
  • Action items can be created and tracked against each process owner