The continually learning temperament now forms part of the intrinsic Binacraft’s culture. Given the dynamic nature of the IT industry, we understand the need to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and business practices. Accordingly, we have configured our training and development programmes which are designed to transform each individual into a world-class professional. At Binacraft, you can be assured about being at the forefront of learning new emerging technologies and best industry practices. We have a clearly defined roadmap for continuous learning which enhances the intellectual capital of our employees. This is done through a number of focused programmes on technology training, grooming managerial talent and personal improvement.

Employee Benefits

Employees are unequivocally central to Binacraft’s business success.Binacraft’sshares the concerns and understands the needs of its employees for a conducive work environment. The organization offers attractive remuneration packages along with a host of benefit schemes and awards to motivate our employees

Binacraft Voices

At Binacraft, ‘employees are the real assets’ is not just a catchphrase or mantra. Every program, initiative or process is undertaken to encourage and motivate employees at all levels. A congenial and collaborative work environment enables every employee to imbibe the best knowledge and values of the industry to which we belong.

Our culture ensures a strong team spirit bonds everyone and that people are constantly motivated to go beyond their individual capacities. Achievement orientation is highly valued and we stimulate our employees to stretch self-goals as also team-goals. Above all, our people possess values like integrity, excellence, learning, fairness, accountability and organizational pride in equal measure.